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Heavy Hitter Okra is a full-flavored, premium-quality, 56 day variety of branching okra; currently holding the record as the heaviest producer in the State of Oklahoma.  Heavy Hitter was developed here, at Dry Creek Farm, at our Certified Organic Market Gardening Facility, in Moodys, Oklahoma.  Genus: Abelmoschus, Species: esculentus, 5' to 7' feet in height, heavily branching, with a spread of 5' feet or more!  Producing up to 150 pods per season.  Heavy Hitter Okra plants grow bright green, grooved, 5 to 8 channeled straight pods, having a full-bodied flavor that Okra lovers find utterly delicious.  A Farmers' Market Favorite! 

Heavy Hitter Okra

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